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More than just an ice scraper, it will give you a clear view year-round.

The VISTA CarWindowCleaner will effortlessly clean fogged-up and dirty windows with its microfiber pad without having to twist your upper body, so it is also the perfect Head-up-Display cleaner. You can either use it dry or with a tiny amount of clear water to lightly moisten the pad.

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The microfiber pad is extremely soft and won't leave any scratches! It can be washed in water up to 60°C and used many times over.

The easily removable cover functions as an effective ice scraper in the wintertime. It is made out of a special, indestructible synthetic material that won't scratch glass. Furthermore, an integrated squeegee enables you to easily remove annoying condensation on your windshield.

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The story of one extraordinary lady.

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| Form and function.

The VISTA CarWindowCleaner stands out thanks to its clear design which combines perfect functionality, an attractive look and a comfortable feel. This harmonious combination makes it simple and pleasant to use.

You will quickly realise the value of details such as the gently curved holder which makes every corner of the car’s glass easy to reach. The holder inlay made of black polystyrene is comfortably warm to touch, while its serrated exterior also strengthens your grip and is optically appealing.

The silicone lip is flexible and positioned in such a way that you can wipe the glass panes easily but any falling ice stays away from your hands.


The perfect give-away for your company.

The VISTA CarWindowCleaner can be colour-coordinated with any corporate design. This multifunctional, durable gadget, in comparison to many other promotional items, is truly useful for every customer which he or she can enjoy for a very long time.

VISTA CarWindowCleaner‘s extra large print surface is perfect for your promotional imprint. Since the logo is on the front and one holds the device on the back, the cleaning device is visible at all times, even when it is in use. Information about the possible printing data and printing position you will find here in the PDF FOR PRINTING APPROVAL. For making a photorealistic presentation in all available handle colours, you will find here the appropriate PHOTOSHOP TEMPLATE "VISTA_Mockup.psd" (71 MB ZIP-download).

Choose from the shown 9 standard colours and metallizations or ask us for an individual production according your CI-colour.


B2B customers please contact your preferred promotional gift dealer and ask for a local personal information service. If your promotional gift dealer will not have the VISTA CarWindowCleaner against expectation in his portfolio please contact us directly.

All information you will find also here in the PRODUCT FOLDER (PDF A4-3pages). We would be happy to send you samples respectively.


With a QR code with weblink you connect the VISTA CarWindowCleaner e.g. with your website!


Technical Data | Made in Austria.

275 mm
Width: 125 mm
Height: 35 mm
Weight: 150 g

The VISTA CarWindowCleaner is exclusively produced in Austria using high quality materials.

The holder is made of ABS. The chrome and gold versions are made of ABS with a metal coating.

The ergonomically shaped handle is equipped with an inlay made of black EPS (polystyrene) for comfortable use.

The ice scraper add-on is hard to break, made from robust PA6-GF30 respectively PC for the transparent version and equipped with a squeegee made of silicon.

The removable microfiber cloth can be used on four sides, washed at 60°C and reused again and again.


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